What to pay attention to when doing KYC

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What to pay attention to when doing KYC

KYC online HCN shares facial recognition attention details:

1) In places where the light is relatively soft, a small up and down angle of the mobile phone can find an angle that does not reflect light. should adjust the angle of your hand to avoid glare, and test the photo effect several times until you are satisfied, then confirm the upload).

2) Face recognition should try to ensure that it is in an environment with enough light sources and that the prompt moves slowly as it approaches, not too fast. and brightnesses.

3) Your surroundings should preferably not have too many things affecting the camera to detect your face.

4) It is recommended to perform video authentication in Wi-Fi environment. There will be text prompts for each shooting step. Please operate according to the text prompts. that the network is not obstructed and that the light is appropriate, and avoid that it is too dark or too bright.

1: The writing must be clear

2: There should be no reflective dots

3: The border should be aligned as much as possible Face recognition points of attention

4: Soft light, neither too dark nor too bright

5: Prompt to move slowly on approach, not fast

6: The background is simple, preferably a white background wall Before taking a photo, you should use your mobile phone camera to test the angle of the photo.

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